Spring Activities in Guelph, Elora and Fergus


As a Realtor in Guelph, I get asked all the time what the best things to do in Guelph, Elora and Fergus are. My answer: it depends on the time of year! With Spring finally here, I’ve put together some of my and my client’s favourite things to do around Guelph this season. Let me know if I’ve missed anything.


Downtown Guelph (Entertainment)

Now that Winter is over, we can crawl out of hibernation and off Netflix into some amazing downtown entertainment in Guelph. Many people are still unaware that downtown Guelph has all kinds of great entertainment options. The Making-Box in Guelph offers live comedy shows every Friday. The Bookshelf shows indie movies and holds friendly family events all the time. Guelph even has its own Burlesque troupe putting on multiple shows per year. Downtown Theatre Project is a new theatre company that puts on black box theatre productions every two months. There’s no shortage of new fun things to take in on a weekly basis.

Downtown Guelph (Family Friendly)

Of course, Downtown Guelph isn’t just limited to night time entertainment. There are all kinds of family-friendly activities that are always ready on a drop-in basis downtown. Play with Clayis a paint-your-own and make-your-own pottery studio, The Guelph Grotto offers family-friendly indoor rock climbing, Round Table and Boardroom are boardgame cafes both in downtown. And of course, the quintessential Guelph activity is the Farmer’s Market which happens year-round every Saturday morning.

Day Trips

If you want to venture out of the city’s core, many of Guelph’s favourite day trips are opening again in the Spring. Scoot the family out to the Maple Town Sugar Bush at the Halton Hills Conservatory, say hi to the Donkeys at the Donkey Sanctuary, or check out butterflies at the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory.

Kazoo Fest (April 11 – 14)

Guelph’s other favourite music festival, Kazoo Fest is back again! This festival just keeps growing. Along with daily performances of some of Canada’s newest indie musicians, Kazoo Fest also features a very popular print expo

I’d be remiss if I didn’t do a special shout out for the Guelph Pride sponsored show for Queer Songbook Orchestra on April 13

Spring Brewery Tour – Brothers, Royal City, Wellington, Fixed Gear Brewing Co.

Many people outside of Guelph are unaware of how popular craft beers are in Guelph. And that’s no coincidence. Guelph has not one, not two, not three, but four craft breweries with their own storefronts and brewery tours. And surely Spring is as good of a season as any to see what new things they will have on tap. Head to the Junction to check out Guelph’s newest brewery Fixed Gear Brewing, the ward to check out Royal City Brewery, the North End for Wellington, and downtown for Brother’s Brewing.

Mustang Drive-in

It’s finally warm enough for outdoor movies again. This retro drive-in is a very fun time and it’s open for another season starting March 29!

Nature in Town

Nature is never too far away from you in Guelph. There’s plenty of new favourite places to walk in Guelph like the Arboretum, Exhibition Park and Riverside Park. Perhaps go to the less-popular but just-as-awesome Preservation Park in the south end if you’re looking for a change.

Nature out of Town

Guelph is just a stone’s throw away from the Rockwood Conservation Area, as well as the Halton Hills conservation areas like Crawford Lake, Mt. Nemo and other great lookout spots.


If you want to take an adventure out of Guelph or see what our beautiful neighbours of Elora and Fergus have to offer, the Spring is the perfect time to do so!

Surrounding and linking the towns together is kilometers of trails and beautiful scenery. If you haven’t explored what’s along the Grand River, wait no more!

Explore the Grand River

You may not get to all this gooey nature in the Spring, but you can try! There are so many awesome trails to explore along the Grand River in Fergus and Elora like The Elora Falls, The Elora Gorge, The Elora Quarry Conservation Area, and the Trans-Canada Trail which links all the small communities together.

Shop Downtown Elora and Downtown Fergus

Elora rightfully calls itself “The Most Beautiful Town” in Ontario. But to be fair, the town of Fergus is nothing to scoff at either. Each boasts its own vibe of shops and cafes, and each is worth a visit. If you’re looking for a quieter, more small-town vibe of a day, Elora and Fergus can’t be beaten!

Hopefully, this gives you a good head start on things to do in the Spring. If you’re thinking about moving to Guelph, Elora or Fergus, be sure to check out my First-Time Home buyers guide. Also, stay tuned to my blog as I’m always updating with new things to do and places to see in the area.